Refuel, pay by app and keep driving

Refueling has never been this fast. With ryd, you pay from your car: quickly, easily and securely.

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Your benefits with
the ryd app

Save time
Pay from inside the car

Save money
Benefit from campaigns

Save paper
Invoice via e-mail

How to pay
with ryd

Choose gas station

Open the ryd app before refueling. Your app automatically locates the next gas station.

Choose pump and refuel

Select your fuel pump in the app. Refuel as usual.

Confirm payment

Confirm the payment in the app. And off you go. You will receive the invoice by email and in the app.

ryd is available throughout Europe

ryd is constantly growing and is currently available in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal and Spain.

Choose from all
major payment methods

Decide for yourself if you want to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, a credit card from Mastercard, Amex, Visa, PayPal or Amazon Pay in the ryd app. Of course, you can also store multiple payment methods for ryd.

Get the ryd app and save time

Refueling has never been this fast! Get the free ryd app and sign up for ryd there for free.

Download ryd app
Scan and download ryd app